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By : bagus prasetyo

Hey guys, here’s the new pomade for a new year! This one is a microbrew from a friend of mine over in Germany. He’s also a frequent member of the Addicted to Pomade page. It’s made by Korbinian Sailer and is 100% Handgemacht in Deutschland. I’ve been anxiously waiting to try this pomade for about 2 weeks. Well longer actually, I’ve wanted to try it since he first told me he was making it.
This one doesn’t come in the usual tins you see pomade in. It’s in a 4oz stainless tin with a screw top lid not a slip cover like most. It’s similar to the Grant’s tins. This one has 2 labels, one on the lid and one on the bottom of the tin. The lid label is really unique and awesome! It has a badass “Hamlet” style skull in an off white color with a black background. On either side of the skull are little fillagries, then below it in really cool script it says “Bone Crusher.” Below that in between some more fillagries it says “Hair Pomade.” There is also a little ring around the edge of the label in the off white color.
Turning the tin over you see the same colors on the bottoms label. Black background and off white lettering. In the same cool script it has “Bone Crusher Hair Pomade” on the top. Then the directions for use and storage, on either side if the storage directions are the same skulls as the front label. Below that is the ingredient list and finally “Handmade in Germany!” and the weight with fillagries on either side of it. This one also has the little ring around the edge of the label like the front label did.
Unscrewing the lid you are met with a nice yellow colored pomade. Really similar in color to Bees Knees pomade, as well as the look of it. This one has a matte look to it in the tin, so I don’t think it will have very much shine in my hair. I can always use a topper with it though. Smelling this one brings me back to being a grade schooler, lemon PEZ! I love the smell of this pomade!! It also has a slight mint smell to it, but mainly sweet lemon scent.
Digging a finger into this pomade was almost identical to Bees Knees, just slightly softer and not quite as sticky. It had almost the exact same texture to it though. Nice waxy, creamy pomade with a little bit of tackiness to it. Unlike a lot of pomades, I didn’t notice a strengthen in the smell of it when I scooped it out of the tin. But the smell is pretty strong on its own.
Working it in my hands was not like Bees Knees at all, although I completely expected it to be. It was more like Addicted to Pomade, it was creamy and stuck to my hands a little bit. It turned really light in my hands as well, almost white.
It didn’t stay stuck to my hands as much as ATP did. This one went in my hair really nicely and coated pretty evenly. I did have to add a little more to the backside of my hairs, but other than that it was awesome.
This stuff combs really really well too! Definitely one of the easiest waxes I have come across so far, combability wise. Once I started forming my pomp I was given a nice little surprise from it. Because of the mint in this pomade it really cools your scalp. You start getting a nice tingly cooling effect once you form you pomp and air can get to your scalp. It’s really cool, no pun intended.
And this stuff holds really nicely! I was able to get it to stand straight up, and pretty tall too. And surprisingly this stuff does have a little sheen to it. Not a whole lot, but it still has some shine to it. For being as soft as it was getting it out of the tin, this stuff holds really great! It holds all day long and recombs easily, goes right back into place. The smell also stays nice and strong for quite a while. I got complimented on the smell of my hair a bit while wearing it.
After using it for a few days, I have to say it’s a winner. You guys should definitely grab a tin of this stuff from Korbinian! To get some of this great pomade, you can either hit him up on Facebook personally or head over to
I’m really glad I got a tin of it from him, this one I will definitely use regularly in the future. It’s going to be fun finding cool combos with this one. Plus the tin makes an awesome addition to a collection. Korbinian really did his research with this pomade and made a great wax! Go grab a tin straight away, you’ll dig it.
Keep that pomp high!

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By : bagus prasetyo
Dr. Rubin's POMADE

Well ladies and gentleman, today I am going for some Dr. Rubin’s. I am using their original formula today. I’m going a little outside my norm, but I don’t have their lightest to try out first. I contacted the good Dr. about getting some samples from him and he did one better. He sent me a full-size tin, 3 stickers, some coupons and a hand written note. Pretty unique and it made things very personal, it was a very nice touch!
Now this one comes in a brass colored tin. Pretty different from your standard stainless or plastic and a very nice change up. It has a yellow lid label with a red medical style cross on it. Inside the cross it says “Dr. Rubin’s finest holds” and “pomade” below the cross. The side label has a picture of a scientist with a microscope and it reads “100% Always Natural. No additives, preservatives, or artificial anything.” Both the top and side label have “Based upon a formula created in 1944. Handcrafted in Alhambra, CA” on them. The bottom and side label list their ingredients and location.
Opening the tin up you see a nice white colored pomade and in the lid you see yet another little label, making 4 total. It’s got their name and the products they carry with their website and email. The pomade looks like a nice mix of wax and petrolatum, kind of creamy looking pomade. It doesn’t have any gloss so I don’t think it will have much shine in my hair. Now the smell is just heavenly! It consists of sweet French vanilla and flowers.
Scooping this stuff out was really nice. It had some resistance to it but not too much. It also has a soft, velvety, creamy texture to it. Makes me curious to how it’s going to act in my hair. But I love the texture, it’s a nice medium weight pomade.
Putting it in my hair was harder than I thought it was going to be. It didn’t go on difficult, but it was harder than I expected to comb through my hair. Now it’s not bad or difficult to comb through I just thought it was going to go in easier based on its texture.
This stuff gave me some decent, medium height to my hair. It’s not as high as I think I could’ve gotten, but I didn’t try to go high with this stuff. It holds the hairs together really nicely more so like a light pomade does. Now I noticed something really awesome with this pomade, the sheen to this stuff is very high! Totally unexpected from the matte look it had in the tin, but damn this stuff is shiny!
This may be one of the shiniest pomades I’ve come across so far in my journey. I really, really love the shine this stuff brings to my hair! I usually wait a few days to do a review of a pomade, but I love this stuff so much that I’m posting it today. Yeah, for me, it’s that good! Many thanks to the good Dr. for sending me a large tin of this stuff.
On the whole, I strongly recommend you grabbing a tin of this pomade! It’ll work for the guys looking for hold, the guys looking for shine and everyone in between. It’s something I plan to use multiple times in the future. Plus the tin is pretty cool looking and makes a nice addition to any collection. So head over to
and grab a can or two of this stuff. They also have a few other holds and carry lotion and balm so you can get a few different things from them.
Stay fresh fellas


By : bagus prasetyo
SCHMIERE (Knuppelhart - Prison blues)

Hey guys, so I had a request from a good friend of mine to review Schmiere’s shampoo so I bought it to use on my trip with the pomade I’m reviewing this time. I’m going with their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues. Stay tuned later tonight or tomorrow morning for the shampoo review!
It comes in their standard large stainless slip-cover tin. This time the bird has a newsboy hat on and he’s “got stripes around his shoulders” He’s sitting behind a row of steel bars and the background color on this one is red. I think this may be my favorite label they’ve put out, it’s really badass!
Opening this can up you see a charcoal/ash-grey colored pomade with a very matte finish to this pomade. Probably one of the dullest pomades I’ve seen yet. I love the color of this pomade tho it’s very unique, I’ve never seen grey before, nice change up. The scent if this stuff is very different too. One of the people out here with me on my trip said “looking at the label when you smell it reminds you of prison.” Now I didn’t get that, but we all pick up different scents from stuff. I thought it had a soapy and talc smell to it with a slight hint of ashes.
Scooping out was gnarly! It was so hard to get out that when I was trying to scoop it started turning the pomade in the tin! The pomade came unstuck from the tin and spun with my finger, pretty crazy. Once I broke the surface it was a little easier to get out, but it was still difficult and kept spinning the pomade cake in the tin. Haha it was pretty wild to see the pomade move with my finger.
When I rubbed it between my hands it softened up a bit. However, it was difficult to break up the biggest chunk I grabbed out, it took me a little while. Once I got it all broken up, I softened it up as best I could but it was still pretty hard/tacky kind of similar to Murray’s Superior in my hands.
It went in my hair easier than I thought it would because of the texture. Then when I was combing it around I noticed these little white specks in my hair. My guess is that’s they were wax pieces reacting to the water that was still in my hair, but it bummed me out. I noticed the more I combed they stuck to the comb and came out of my hair. Whew, I thought I was going to have to try an melt them with a blow drier or put something else in my hair if that didn’t work. You can see the specks on my comb.
At first I was able to get my hair to stand straight up with just a little lean to it. This stuff made my hair STRAIGHT! I also noticed more hairs than usual in my comb during the forming/combing of my hair. That really bummed me out, I don’t like seeing a bunch of hairs stuck in my comb.
I was able to get some nice height to my hair with this pomade and a slight roundness to the top of my pomp. This stuff also has a slight shine to it, but more of a matte shine. I got the front of my hair nice and straight and my cowlick tamed which can be hard to do some days. So this one is a good pomade for taming waves, cowlicks and fly-aways. I tried to look tough cause I’m using Prison Blues pomade and I got all my hard to manage hairs to stay in place, haha I’m a bit of a dork.
All in all, I like this pomade quite a bit. It’s got great hold, that stays all day and is recombable. It’s scent is pretty awesome and it’s got some shine to it in your hair. On the down side, it can be a pain to get out of the tin and for me, it pulled a lot of hairs out of my head. But I’ll use this stuff again in the future. So if you guys like heavy hold pomades grab a can of this stuff. You can get it from their website;
Stay fresh fellas


By : bagus prasetyo
Royal Crown Pomade

For the twevlth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Royal Crown Pomade. Well this is the end of the 12 Pomades of Christmas, it’s been a fun little journey though! So this pomade is made by a fairly popular company, J Strickland & Co. This company has been around for a long time and is a staple in the rockabilly community. I myself have been using this pomade for a while now.
Just like with some of their other products this pomade comes in their 5oz cardboard tin, with the metal bottom and lid and cardboard sides. This one is all red with white lettering. In the center is “Royal Crown” with their crown logo. Below that it has ” * For Men * ” Then inside a white box it has “Pomade” and ” *an exclusive formula” in green lettering. On either side of that are 5 stripes. The lid on this one is all red and unstamped like Blue Magic.
When I pulled off the lid I saw an aerated, super shiny, grease. This stuff is like chrome shiny in the tin. It looks almost white because of all the bubbles in it. It looks like it will be a light/medium hold and that it will have a lot of shine. The smell of this one totally reminds me of Christmas, because of my family’s traditions each year. We always make cinnamon pancakes, cookies and toast, and gramma makes apple cider. And this pomade smells exactly like cinnamon and sugar. It also has a slight cinnamon roll smell to it.
When I scooped this pomade out I was really surprised at how firm it was. It wasn’t like a usual grease, it was twice as hard. Almost like it was frozen or something. But at the same time, this stuff is greasy as hell! When I scooped it out the smell got another layer to it. It reminded me of my gramps, like the cologne he used to wear and the cinnamon sugar.
It got even greasier in my hands but stayed harder than most greases. Which really puzzles me, because it only has petrolatum, olive oil and fragrance in it. Those are the exact same ingredients in their hair dressing, and that’s significantly lighter than this one. And it’s harder than Vaseline or White Rose petroleum jelly.
It went in my hair harder than regular grease too. Not hard by any means, but definitely not as easy as their hair dressing or other light greases. And holy crap this stuff made my hair look like a mirror before I even combed it! Can’t wait to see the shine in the sun!
Now the hardness of it came into play when I was forming my pomp. I was able to get some decent height with this grease. More so than any other grease I’ve used so far. I really like the way it held nice and shined my hair up. And it held nicely all day long. I can see exactly why Cash used this pomade, and so many other guys for that matter. It’s really a great pomade.
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Now during the summertime you will see some falling because of the heat. However, this pomade combs right back into place very easily. And you comb it multiple times and it will just keep going back into place.
This is one of my favorite greases. It has a great texture, awesome smell, nice hold, really high shine and recombs very well. It’s not the easiest to find though. Out in AZ I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve had to get friends to buy me cans of it. But go check your local beauty supple store or supermarket and they may carry it.


By : bagus prasetyo

saya akan mereview pomade terbaru bernama Frankengrease Pomade. Pomade ini adalah produksi dari JC Hillhouse, pemilik blog yang sudah sangat terkenal dappersociety.wordpress.com. Frankengrease termasuk oil based pomade dan memiliki volume yang cukup banyak yaitu 6oz, dua kali lipat daripada Murray's! Silakan dilihat untuk review produknya..

Sewaktu saya membuka paket yang sudah sampai, langsung tercium wangi jeruk yang sangat segar! Dapat dilihat label menggunakan gambar frankenstine dengan tone warna hitam krem.. Terdapat tulisan "Pomade produced in Arizona".

Isi dari pomade ini membuat kaleng dari Frankengrease lebih tebal daripada yang lain. Masih terdapat label pada samping pomade.

Sewaktu dibuka wangi jeruk langsung tercium, fresh dan sangat enak sekali wanginya! Mengingatkan saya pada wangi vitamin C jaman dulu.

Terlihat pomade berwarna abu kehijauan. Saya berpikir ini pomade heavy, sepertinya keras sekali, langsung saja saya colek. Sewaktu pertama dicolek ternyata memang keras, susah dicolek, tetapi bagian dalamnya ternyata lebih lembut.

Setelah saya colek, langsung mengingatkan saya ke TIS.. Teksturnya sama seperti TIS!
Sewaktu dicolek akan seperti pecah-pecah tidak karuan. Saya pertama menaruhnya di telapak tangan, lalu digosok sampai agak hangat untuk membantu perataan, setelah itu baru pakaian ke rambut.

Pemakaian ke rambut juga jangan hanya diusap saja, harus merata sampai akar rambut!

Aplikasi tidak susah karena ternyata ini bukan heavy pomade, saya merasa ini medium-heavy pomade. Saya nilai begitu karena pomade ini lebih keras dan hold dibanding pomade medium lainnya bahkan lebih hold dari TIS medium, tetapi tidak keras sekali seperti superior. 

Dapat dilihat shinenya ada, aplikasi tidak sulit, mudah diratakan. Saya juga dapat menyamai pomade ini dengan Tru Hold dari Lucky 13. Wangi jeruk ini yang membuat saya sangat menyukai Frankengrease, hold dapat, wangi dapat, shine dapat.. 

Kesimpulannya Frankengrease dapat digunakan untuk sehari-hari. Untuk para pengendara motor disarankan memakai Frankengrease lebih banyak agak dapat menahan helm dan keringat.

Mungkin demikian review untuk oil based pomade Frankengrease, semoga membantu saudara-saudara yang belum mengenal produk pomade baru ini..thank you and Grease On!


By : bagus prasetyo

Lanjut review hari ini, Kustom Kreeps Monster Attack! Pomade dari Kustom Kreeps kedua yang bakal di review.. Ini adalah pomade medium dan yang paling bikin ga bisa kedip adalah Sick Badass pomade design by Kustom Kreeps!Design Kustom Kreeps tidak satu pun yang tidak keren! Silakan simak reviewnya..

Wadah Monster Attack memiliki tone warna hijau dan hitam dengan gambar Frankenstein. Warnanya sangat eye catching bagi siapapun yang baru melihatnya!

Ketika dibuka, teksturnya terlihat lembut dan tidak terlalu ada shiny, wanginya mint! Dia memiliki minty scent yang tidak terlalu menyengat.

Terlihat keras tetapi sewaktu dicolek ternyata cukup lembut. Sangat halus teksturnya seperti Cock Grease X, hanya saya menurut saya tidak terlalu shiny, agak matte shine..

Perataan produk sangat mudah, saya mengaplikasikan ke rambut yang kering. Saya sangat suka produk ini! Wanginya enak dan sangat mudah diatur. Pomadenya lembut sehingga bisa benar-benar rata dan holdnya mantab sekali untuk pomade medium. Rambut saya yang biasa sangat susah diatur saja sudah cukup dengan produk ini. Monster Attack memiliki shine yang tidak terlalu atau bisa dikatakan matte shine, menurut saya..

Ini sedikit pengalaman saya..Saya pakai Monster Attack dari siang dan sewaktu sore hari saya memutuskan untuk berolahraga yaitu lari sore. Setelah hampir 1 jam saya berlari, saya coba melihat berkaca, wow! Hanya turun sedikit walau berkeringat! Untuk tingkat hold bisa dikatakan jauh sekali dari nunile, untuk saya nunile kurang kuat, sedangkan Monster Attack ini lebih dari sebuah medium pomade! 

Mungkin demikian saya sekilas review dari saya..semoga bermanfaat dan Grease On!


By : bagus prasetyo

 review tentang Death Grip pomade, ini adalah heavy weight pomade dari brand Kustom Kreeps. Pomade yang sangat bikin penasaran karena masih sangat jarang dan susah didapat. Sewaktu pertama kali lihat sampai sekarang tidak pernah bosan dengan designnya yang sangat menarik dan keren sekali. Silakan dilihat reviewnya..

Penampakan Death Grip, tone warna biru tua dan hitam mendominasi membuat Death Grip langsung terlihat sebagai Heavy Pomade hanya dari kemasannya saja. Badass design! Sekilas melihat design pomade ini langsung terpikir seperti itu..

Ketika dibuka, isinya warna abu-abu tua, terlihat solid, matte shine, dan yang pasti terlihat heavy! Wanginya seperti sandalwood sama kaya yang tertulis di kalengnya, Wood scent.

Sewaktu saya mau coba colek, ternyata bagian atasnya keras sekali, sepertinya lebih keras daripada superior. Ketika sudah dicolek, tekstur bagian bawahnya lebih lembut, bisa dilihat teksturnya seperti Cock Grease XX.

Aplikasi pomade ini saya coba dengan rambut yang kering. Karena tekstur lebih halus jadi saya coba seperti ketika memakai Cock Grease. Gambar diatas sebelum saya pakai, dan yang bawah adalah sesudahnya.

Pomade ini harus diratakan dulu ke tangan, jangan pakai dalam bentuk gumpalan lalu diratakan dengan sisir, nanti jadi rontok rambutnya karena pomade ini lengket dan keras. Pemakaian harus merata juga seperti sedang keramas, jadi semua rambut terkena pomade dan bisa ditata seperti yang diinginkan.

Dapat dilihat tidak terlalu ada shine, karena ini adalah heavy pomade, seperti biasa tidak ada shine. Bisa dikombinasikan dengan yang light untuk dapat shine nya. Secara keseluruhan saya sangat puas dengan pomade ini, bukan hanya dari sisi hasil pemakaian, tapi juga dari sisi produk nya yang dapat melengkapi koleksi. Bagi para pomade enthusiast lainnya silakan dicoba dan buktikan sendiri bagaimana pomade ini tidak kalah dari pomade lainnya!

Demikian sedikit review dari saya, semoga membantu dan bermanfaat bagi semuanya..thank you and Grease On!


By : bagus prasetyo

Hi! Saya mau memperkenalkan brand yang baru saya bawa masuk ke Indonesia, Kustom Kreep True Fright! Saya lihat design nya benar-benar keren sekali! Silakan dilihat..

Di kalengnya dapat dilihat sticker dengan tone warna merah dan hitam, Bad Ass Design! Saya sangat suka designnya dan tertulis Root Beer??

Ketika dibuka dan saya cium, ternyata benar baunya adalah Root Beer! Terlihat warnanya juga kecoklatan agak oranye. Saya melihat teksturnya sedikit seperti Cock Grease teti dengan wangi yang unik sekali.

Saya colek dan coba untuk meratakan ditangan..sangat mudah, tidak keras, tidak seret, halus, dan Greasy..Oh ya pomade ini memiliki isi 4oz walaupun biasanya yang memiliki isi 4oz adalah waterbased pomade, jadi cukup besar untuk sebuah oil based pomade.

Saya coba mengaturnya dan enak sekali ternyata..mudah diatur dan masih ada holdnya. Pengalaman saya memakai superlight adalah rambut sebelah kanan saya setelah beberapa lama akan jatuh, dengan True Fright ini walaupun light tetapi mampu menjaga rambut tetap rapi. 

Kesimpulan saya, untuk light pomade, True Fright tergolong memiliki hold yang cukup kuat, menurut saya karena tekstur kan karakter pomadenya lebih kental jadi lebih hold dan tahan. Wanginya adalah faktor yang saya paling suka, mangsanya saya mencoba True Fright terlebih dahulu..Root Beer bro!

Mungkin demikian sedikit review dari saya, memang Kustom Kreeps lebih mahal dibanding oil based lainnya, tetapi kualitas dan design yang diberikan sangat sepadan..terima kasih dan Grease On!

Review : SUAVECITO (firme hold) POMADE

By : bagus prasetyo

merek sudah sangat terkenal dan tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Kali ini saya akan mereview Suavecito Firme Hold! Saya sangat bersemangat ketika dapat barang ini, designnya dan wanginya yang sangat terkenal. Silakan dilihat..

Wadah berwarna putih dengan label Suavecito pomade,Firme hold dan ada gambar tengkoraknya yang khas! Design Suavecito tidak kalah dengan yang lainnya..tone warna yang digunakan juga mencerminkan klasik vintage..

Begitu dibuka, wangi Suavecito langsung tercium..wangi sekali! Seperti campuran sedikit wangi whisky. Warnanya mirip dengan cola, agak cokelat tua. 

Ketika dicolek tidak terlalu keras, khas dari water based pomade. Warnanya ternyata cokelat muda agak keemasan. 

Saya suka warnanya yang cokelat agak keemasan, dengan wangi seperti ini saya yakin rambut saya pasti menjadi pusat perhatian semua orang! Pacar saya juga sangat suka wanginya, wangi seperti parfum katanya..

Saya langsung menata pomp saya agak tinggi. Saya mengaplikasikannya dengan rambut yang agak basah karena kalau kering susah untuk disisir karena menjadi keras. Sangat mudah untuk membuat High pomp dengan Suavecito Firme hold karena formulanya yang extra strong!

Suavecito ini juga memberikan efek shiny, jadi dia keras, wangi, shiny, dan yang pasti hold seharian! Dengan harga yang terjangkau, Suavecito merupakan water based pomade yang harus dimiliki. Suavecito ini jg cocok untuk segala jenis rambut, hanya saja pemakaian Suavecito tidak boleh terlalu sedikit, harus tetap merata untuk mendapat hasil yang maksimal.

Mungkin demikian review saya untuk Suavecito Firme Hold, semoga review saya bermanfaat dan dapat memberi pengetahuan lebih..terima kasih dan Grease On!

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